Artificial Turf

Suppliers and installers of imitation grass

Synthetic grasses have come a long way in the past decade. The products available now are varied in both blade assortments and colours; indeed, there are many that are not obviously 'artificial' unless they are viewed with some scrutiny.

Pinnacle Landscapes can install an artificial lawn that will impress you, not to mention greatly reducing your garden maintenance time.

But why use artificial grass? Here are some reasons:

  • It doesn’t need watering:  Your neighbour's lawn might require watering on a regular basis, but an artificial grass lawn only needs occasional cleaning. Any rain or other water that lands on it simply seeps through the small filtration holes in the mat, which means no collection on the surface. You can enjoy lower water bills if you use artificial grass!
  • No mowing:  Fancy more relaxation time on your weekends? No mowing is required with artificial grass. Sell your lawnmower and save money on the ongoing maintenance and fuel that every lawnmower seems to need. We’ve all experienced it: you get ready to mow the lawns and the mower will not start. If you are lucky, after spending two hours on a bit of maintenance, your mower might start. If not, it’s off the workshop and the lawn keeps growing until you get your mower back.
  • No weeds:  One of the biggest problems any lawn owner has is the continual appearance of weeds. Regardless what the weed is, they always detract from the overall appearance of your lawn. You can spray the weeds and watch them slowly die, but then they really stand out - turning the appearance of your lawn that you were so proud of into something resembling a paddock. With artificial grass, there's no need for lawn pesticides, which means you, your family and your pets benefit from having fewer chemicals around your garden.
  • No need for fertilisers:  To stay in top condition, synthetic lawns do not need fertilisers and you can certainly forget about being inundated with pest problems. This means a cleaner and safer environment for you, your family and your pets - not to mention the money you will save.
  • Durability:  Once your artificial turf has been installed correctly and depending on the particular product quality you choose, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear for many years. Synthetic turf is manufactured and tested to withstand extreme weather conditions. The integrity of the material will also stand up to regular foot traffic.
  • Safe for children and pets:  As mentioned, because there is no need for pesticides, fertilisers, weed killers or any other chemicals we tend to use on our lawns, an artificial lawn is much safer for your children and pets. In studies, this has been one of the main deciding factors why people opt for artificial turf around their homes.
  • Okay for dogs:  It makes no difference to your dog if he's playing on real or synthetic turf. The material can withstand a dogs claws and may even be better for him to run on than real turf. Also, some dogs like to chew on fresh grass and some weed varieties. These could have insecticides which is obviously not the best for your dog. With real turf, dog's urine is likely to kill the grass and they tend to return to the same spot. Synthetic grass is not damaged by urine or other messes a dog does on grass. To remove any odours, simply wash away with a bit of soapy water.
  • It always looks great:  This is a massive plus for artificial turf. A quality product will retain its good looks all year round. It is easy to clean (mostly by rain water) and regardless of what the season is, synthetic turf can easily withstand any weather conditions.  Synthetic grass resembles natural grass and will continue to look good many years after it has been installed.